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Steve Schlesinger <steve@...>

Below is the text of a translation of a document I just received.
Does anyone know exactly what a "Book of Legitimation" is?
It seems to have to do with moving >from one town to another.

The town was Petrokoff - now known as Piotrkow Trybunalski -
is now in Poland and was apparently under Russian contro;
at that time.

Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Schlesinger

Part of the document was obscured. The presumed missing text
is in [square brackets]

Book of Legitimation. No.137
[Pertaini]ng to: Schimon ROSENFELDT
[Residin]g in what parish he was registered in the Register of the
[Per]manent Population and giving all particulars about the changes
of addresses of the said person. This book was issued according t[o]
Instructions confirmed by the Town Council 10(22)November 1861.

Description of the owner of this Certificate Book:

Born in the town of: Petrokoff 1 January 1861
District: Petrokovsky
Government Petrokovsky
Religion: Jewish
Rank: Burgess
Occupation; living with parents
Height: Middle
Face: Round
Hair: dark flaxen
Eyes: hazel
Nose: normal
Mouth: normal
Beard; round
Special Features: none
Burgmeister of the town of: Bendine
District of Bendine
Government of Petrokovsky

The Undersigned certifies that the owner of the book: Schimon
ROSENFELDT, described above, who to day is 26 years of age,
registered in the Register of the permanent Population, at Beldine,
House Number 101, page 3574.
Signed in Confirmation thereof with the official Seal
Bendine, 14 July, 1888
(Signature) Burgmeister: XXX
Secretary: XXX

No. 1657 The Russian Consulate General certifies the authenticity of the
above English Translation of the Russian Original annexed.
London 24 June 1918
For the Consul General

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