Re: ETTINGER / OETTINGER et al originally from Oettingen, Bavaria #germany

Alan Ehrlich

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 08:34:28 Linda Lieberman linda114@... wrote:
Seeking ETTINGER/OETTINGER/ITINGER originally >from Oettingen, Bavaria [.] My
family derived its surname >from Oettingen in Bayern, Bavaria, in the 1600's.

The Jewish Genealogy in Bavaria Schwabia Web site has an
online database with birth, death, marriage and circumcision records from
the region that interests you, including Oettingen. It also offers a forum
for exchanges between researchers concerned by this region. Use of this site
is free of charge, as is registration. Having assisted in coding the entries
for Hainsfarth, which neighbors Oettingen, I know that there were many
OETTINGERs in this location as well. and possibly in the in the other
surrounding locations too. Kind regards,

Alan Ehrlich Geneva, Switzerland <alan.ehrlich@...>

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