ViewMate: Old Text from Lower Franconia - translation please #germany

Justin Levy <levyduffy@...>

Hello Folks,
I have posted a page >from the 'Gemeindebuch' of Schweinshaupten in Lower
Franconia, Germany to ViewMate. It was written in Franconian Yiddish.

Image no. 8995

Could somebody please translate the page or at least summarize its contents?

The top half appears to have been signed by Hirsh Sheyt, whom I believe was Hirsch
Scheid, the son of Moses Matthes Scheid. The document is dated 21 Iyyar 596
= 8 May 1836.

Many of the entries in this ‘Gemeindebuch’ are, as in this case, simply records
of the purchase of seats in the synagogue.

Here’s my attempt at a line-by-line transcrption of that top portion. Part of
the text is Hebrew and part Yiddish.

1. kahal po koyfte heute b” mekomot be-beit haknesset b” be-e”[zrat hanashim]
v”b be-e[zrat]”n[ashim]
2. echad aytzel Moshe ? ve-echad el memor aym p”h dh? dage zeyn
3. finf gulden dieze gomme vochde dem ferkoyfer ? ?
4. na’asse yom 1 21 Iyyar 596 lfk
5. durch ? ? ? shrift besh? diezen
6. koyf eynez den ? der ? ? ? 25 fl.
7. ? yom 1 21 Iyyar 596 lfk
8. Hirsh Sheyt

Does the bottom half refer to a Meyla Scheit?
For interest’s sake I would add that 1 fl. (Gulden) would have bought about
4.5 kg of meat at that time.

Please reply to me privately. <> Many thanks,

Justin Levy, Dublin, Ireland

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