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Mitch Mermel

My grandmother, along with her parents and sister lived near Kiev. They
came to America on the maiden voyage of the " Vaterland " (later called the
Leviathan) which left >from Cuxhaven, Germany.

According to an oral history recorded by my grandmother, they first went
to Kiev to meet up with all the other people who were to travel onboard
the Vaterland. >from Kiev they were taken to a barge which took them out
to sea to meet the boat.

Does anyone have a similar family history, and know what route was actually
take to reach the " Vaterland " ?

They could have gone overland, or down to Odessa, taken a barge through
the Black Sea, the Bosporus Straits, into the Agean, up the Mediterraen,
through the Straits of Gibraltar, and into the Atlantic.

Both scenarios are just conjecture. I'd really like to find out how most
people reached the "shipping lanes".

Mitch Mermel
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