JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Beatrice as a Jewish name #general

Rick Barry <rikbarry@...>

Beatrice is a common name for Jewish women. I had an aunt "Beattie" and I've
known several other Beatties and Beatrices. All Jewish, all born in earlier

Rick Barry wrote:

My grandmother's name was Beatrice, and I found that her grandmother's
name was Beatrice in Holland. There were other Beatrice's in her
generation, and it doesn't seem like the name had been changed.

The only oddity was that in census reports, the Beatrice's sometimes were
referred to as "Betsy", a shortening you never hear nowadays. My
grandfather always called her "Beatie", and I never heard the Betsy used
by my mother.

Babette Bloch

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