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I thought Jewishgenners would be interested to know that it appears that
the city of Mogilev, Belarus has has two archives: an archives of vital
records , the so-called ZAGS archives, and the archives of document
related to organizations in the territory of an oblast.At present in
Mogilev the first stores records since 1925, and the second since 1917.
Vital records before 1925, and documents before 1917 were earlier
transferred to National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk.
Concerning the Mogilev archives.In 1941 they were destroyed, and 90 percent
of the documents were lost. According to the rules currently in force, all
documents are preserved in local archives for only 75 years, and after
that are transferred to Minsk.

I received this information >from a person in Mogilev who is acquainted with
local conditions.

David Goldman

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