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This Sunday at 12:00 noon in Brooklyn, there will be a dedication of a
memorial to the 5,000 Jews who were massacred outside Talnoye in 1941 by
the Germans.

Several researchers of Talnoye ancestors will be there, plus others who
have links to the town.

Sorry for the very last minute nature of this notice, but I only received
details last evening.

The exact site is a small park known as Holocaust Park in Sheepshead Bay
in Brooklyn. The park, which holds several Holocaust memorials, is at
the intersection of Emmons Avenue and West End Avenue.

The memorial is a result of one individual's effort to commemorate his
family and others who perished in a mass killing. He is a World War 2
survivor who returned >from serving in the Red Army to find no house, no
relatives. He was able to emigrate in 1991 and now lives in Brooklyn.
Since he lived in Talnoye until the age of 17, he is a potential resource
for knowledge of some of our families. There will be an interpreter
present, as he speaks mainly Russian and Yiddish.

Please contact me by email if you wish any more information.
Mila Begun in New York

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