Re: LOWENSTEINs from Hessen #germany


Dear Gersiggers,

Sally Bruckheimer is looking for information on LOWENSTEINs >from Hessen. Her
great grandfather, Heyum David (born in 1808) also known as Haim LOWENSTEIN
married to Rosa FULD is apparently a brother to my 3 G grandmother Elizabeth
David. They are two of 11 children of David Jacob and Fraitgen Samuel-Kahn. The
only information we had on Heyum David LOWENSTEIN is that he was born in
1808 in Meudt. It now seems obvious that the families lost touch because he
emigrated to New York.

The name FULDHEIM also appears many times in this family tree. Knowing that
Rosa FULD was one of twenty children of the amazing mother written about by
Gerhard Buck makes me think that many of these children apparently took the
name FULDHEIM. These were small towns in the Hessen area of Germany with only a
few Jewish families in each town. All the families were large, though twenty
children must be the record, so they were incredibly intermarried. Many of
these families ended up in Cleveland, Ohio and also New York.

One of the most famous members of this family is the actor, Bert Lahr who
played the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. The name Lahr was a shortened
version of the original LAHRHEIM.

I'm glad that Sally Bruckheimer finally joined Gersig and may I say "Welcome"!

Linda Levine Cambridge, MA

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