Need Translation from German of a town and occupation- 1857- VIEWMATE 9246 #germany


Need help in translating the town and occupation >from a Hamburg passenger list.

German town name on left and occupation on the rigt of head of household as
it appears on an 1857 Hamburg outbound passenger list. Hint- Town is in
Pleschen per passenger list- Other sources state family >from Koschmin,
Pleschen, Posen, Prussia, now Kozmin, Poland.

Surname LAPSAR on Hamburg list and LAPSER on NYC arrival list.
Hint: NYC arrival manifest stated cap maker.

Also word below occupation that describes wife.

This is the direct link:

or go to and look at 9246.

I can email a reduced in size version of the words or the whole manifest.
It can also be seen on a major online site as part of the Hamburg Passenger
lists 1850-1934, 28 Feb 1857- 24 Dec 1857. Image 131 of 517, 2 May 1857.
Surname LAPSAR.

Once again, thank you for your help. Reply via private email to:

David Brener, Fargo, ND BRENERDA@AOL.COM

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