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I would like to thank all of the members of this forum who responded
to my question regarding the protocol of adding the research of other
genealogists to my own family tree. I would like to summarize the general
consensus of the messages I received.

Making connections and sharing information is basically the purpose of
posting our own family lines on web sites, on the Jewish Gen JGFF,
and on the Family Tree of the Jewish People. We put our own
information out there for someone to find and make a connection with.

That said, there were several caveats mentioned:

1) If you are considering including a great deal of information obtained
from another researcher, it would be a courtesy to ask that researcher
for his/her permission. After all, they are the ones who did all the work
to gather the information and put it together. In addition, be sure to
"...put a note in the notes to say who the source was."

2) Honor the wishes of the other researcher if there is some information
that they do not want you to include. We ARE dealing with very personal
information and we do have to show a little sensitivity in dealing with
other people's personal preferences.

That said, some members wrote that they *only* include information >from
other researchers that apply to their own *Direct* line. Some wrote that
they include *everthing*. It seems to be a personal preference.

The best response I received stated a two fold philosophy in gathering
information that was:

A) " learn as much as possible about our families and where they
all come from, and additionally how the jewish families around the world
really all do link up. I want to leave a legacy for my children and their
children as to where we all come from. To this end I think it is important
that we add as much data as possible to our trees", and

B) " linking all the families together that I find links to, we only
expand the horizons of others to help them find their history and
heritage. Since I posted my tree on the FTJP, I have found at least three
other sections to add to my tree. In all, I am strongly in favor of
adding as many links as possible to my tree, although my main
concentration is and always will be the direct lines."

Another respondent made the comment: " Of course, I'd love to see the
documents supporting her research too."

So, I hope this information helps to guide other researchers in making
their own decisions. If you would like to see a collection of ALL the
responses I received, contact me directly. Thank you all again for
your input.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

Note: All quoted materials included here are with permission >from the
authors. BA

Searching for:
COHN - in the towns of Wreschen, Gnesen, Tirischtiegel, Samter,
Schoenlanke, and Posen. All in Posen, West Prussia

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