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Isaac Van Rensburg [ MTN - Alice Lane ] <vanre_is@...>

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you after exhausting all other resources in South Africa,
where I live.

I am looking for information on the origin, ancestry and siblings of my
great grand parents LESAR and WINTERBACH on my father's side of the family
tree, and hope you can possibly help me or refer me to the right

Izak LEZAR, possibly married to Ida Sarah Edda, (unknown maiden name) was
the father of Sarah Johanna LESAR (Note different spelling shown on her
marriage certificate) born 3 Dec 1871. Family legend has it they were
Jewish or of Jewish descent, but this has not been verified.

Sarah Johanna LESAR married my grandfather Gert Hendrik JANSE VAN RENSBURG
and named their second son Isaac Frederick Thomas VAN RENSBURG. It is
believed that he was named after Sarah Johanna's father Izak.

Dirk WINTERBACH was the father of Louis George WINTERBACH, born 10 Sep 1866
in Tulbach, Cape, South Africa. Family legend has it he came >from either
Netherlands or Germany. His daughter (my grandmother) was named after him -
Louis George WINTERBACH, and she married my grandfather Isaac Frederick
Thomas, son of Sarah Johanna LESAR.

On my mother's side, my great grandmother, Petronella Hermiena RUTHVEN,
born abt. 1889 in Transvaal, South Africa, married a LEGUM.
Unfortunately I have no other information about him, except that
apparently he was also Jewish.

I would very much appreciate any help I can find.

Thank you in anticipation,

Isaac Frederick Thomas van Rensburg

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