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Dear everyone,
First, an apology to those of you who subscribe to the same three JGen
groups I do - you're about to read this three times <g>. Second, we all
understand the Ekaternislav is the older name for the current
Dnepropetrovsk. I use both names interchangeably.

Virtually all of the responses I received wanted to know what I learned,
and were also interested in finding a researcher.

One person emailed the Dnepetrovsk Archives, and received a response to
contact them directly, which he did - in February. No response since.

Another person emailed a request last September. The response explained
that the archivist was currently in Germany obtaining a university degree
and that the request would have to wait until his return.

I'd emailed a request months ago (in English) and received no response.
Last month, I used Windows 98'd multi-language capabilities to sned
another email, and have received no response to that one either.

I was referred to another genealogist who had hired someone to do
research. The researcher over there, while praised, actually lives in
Kiev, which adds the extra cost of housing while researching. In all
fairness, it wasn't that much, considering the cost of living over there.

With the able assistance of [see Moderator Note below], who translated a
letter >from English into Russian, I've now sent a regular old-fashioned
paper letter to the Dnepropetrovsk Archives. I included three births and
one marriage for which I had dates certain, and asked for procedures and
prices. I'll be sure to let you all know any results/responses.

Our other possibility would be to follow the lead of ROM-SIG, and hire a
researcher to work full-time for us, researching all our names at once.
I'm not sure the fellow recommended to me would be willing to spend that
much time away >from his home, and I'm not sure what the costs would be.
I also have no idea whether he'd be allowed access to the records, the
copier, etc. - the rules keep changing in what used to be the USSR.

I'd love to hear feedback on this - let me know what you think, or if you
have any other suggestions.

Hilary Henkin

MODERATOR NOTE: Professional translator's name deleted. Those interested
should contact Hilary Henkin at <propper@...>.

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