KLIMPL Family from Radetice, Bohemia and FREIMUTH family from Lascovice #austria-czech

Brian Blitz

Please let me know if you have experience searching for records >from Radetice, Czech Republic or
Lascovice, Czech Republic.

Specifically, I am looking for records relating to the KLIMPL family. My great-great grandfather, Emanuel
KLIMPL and his son, Alfred KLIMPL (1877 - 1953 in New York) were born there. Emanuel's wife was
Anastasia BERGMANN (1847 - 1916 in New York) >from Zbenice. Emanuel may have had a brother, Josef
KLIMPL who lived in Prague.

I am also looking for records for the FREIMUTH family >from Lascovice (Laschowitz). Ida FREIMUTH (1880 -
1942 in New York) was the daughter of Theresa LOWENSTEIN and Sigmund FREIMUTH. Ida had a sister
(name unknown) who emigrated to California. Sigmund had two sisters, Rosie FREIMUTH (1865-1929 in
New York, married Joseph TAUBER) and Mary FREIMUTH (1863 - 1926 in New York).

Please reply privately. Thank you in advance.

Brian Blitz
New York City

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