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I am trying to learn more about the life of Flora PHILLIPSOHN,
born Flora GIFT in 1868. Gedenkbuch (accessed via Yad Vashem's
Database of Shoah Victims' Names) lists her pre-WWII residence
as Stadthagen, which is between Muenster and Hannover.
According to the Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch (also
incorporated into the Yad Vashem database) she was transported
in August 1942 >from Muenster to Theresienstadt, where she
perished in July 1943. Surprisingly, this book says she was an Austrian
citizen. Even more surprising is the indication in the DOEW database
of Austrian Shoah victims
that she was born in New York.

A Dec. 1870 entry in the U.S. census shows a two-year-old Flora
GIFT living on the Lower East Side with parents, Jacob (age 30,
born in Bavaria), mother Anne (25, born in Bavaria), and sister
Emma (5, born in England).

If you recognize this family, would you please contact me?

Please note that I am not related to the GIFT or PHILLIPSOHN
family. I am helping a friend who would like to file a Page
of Testimony for Flora. Thanks. Renee

Renee Stern Steinig Dix Hills, New York, USA genmaven@...

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