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I thought the following might be of interest of some of us:

. Holocaust Survivors [RealPlayer]

Originally a photography project, Holocaust Survivors has developed
into a touring exhibit and a Website. Directed by John Menszer, this
moving and well-constructed site is an outstanding adjunct to any
class or course that discusses the Holocaust. University courses,
especially larger surveys, often deal with the Shoah on a broad
institutional level in an attempt to impart the sheer scale of the
mass-murders. What is lost is the individual and personal experiences
of loss and survival in these years. This site, with its photo
gallery, survivor stories, and especially the audio gallery, offers
students or any visitor invaluable personal accounts of the
Holocaust. To help users place these in the larger context, the site
provides an historical introduction, an encyclopedia, a collection of
primary documents and scholarly articles, a bibliography, and related
links. The site also hosts a discussion board. [MD]

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion in Israel

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