Fw: Maternal ancestors - JACKOBS (any and all varients)J #germany

Eileen <kydebren@...>

I have been searching without success for my maternal grandmother's origin
and for her ancestors.

My original information was that the family was >from Schneidemuhl. The
information was based on a photograph taken in the late 19th or very early
20th century in that city. The family name (as I know it >from wedding
invitation) was JACOBS. I now seems likely the family originated from
somewhere in the Posen region.

Grandmother - Jewish nomenclature: Szeporah Bas Mendel English: Sophie
JACOBS Supowit. Was married to Elias (Ellis) SUPOWITS, 3 March, 1895, at the
Golden Rule Hall, Rivington St., NYC, NY. She passed away in 1948 and was
between 82-84 years old.

Sophie lived in NYC, as did her siblings, George JACOBS, Carl JACOBS, Sarah,
Laura and Pauline at least until her marriage. Mom Sophie moved to
Shenandoah, PA with her husband. Pauline married (unknown name) moved to
Sunbury PA and all other siblings eventually moved to the Detroit MI area.

Since all of that generation and members of the next generation are deceased
and oral history is no longer available, I must rely on what records I am
able to locate (I have found the # of the marriage license and will be
requesting it) and the possible recollection of our generous sig members.

Thank you for you time attention and hopefully input.

Eileen BRENNER #28866 Hazleton, PA <kydebren@...>

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