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<< a GGgrandmother >from Mainz, Germany, Regina GROSS, also born in
the very early 19th century, was married to Daniel LORCH and lived
in Mainz; I am also at a dead end on her. Thanks for anyone's help. >>

==The spellings LORCH and LORSCH are virtually interchangeable. Lorsch is
a town located some 50 km SSE of Mainz. There was much movement of
Jews between the two. My MAINZER gggm was born in Lorsch . . .

==She married a Baruch WOLFF >from Pfungstadt, for whatever help this
may be to you in your search for WOLF. The WOL[F] surname was among the most
popular among German Jews, and is popular, too, among German non-Jews.

Michael Bernet, New York

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