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I have a dilemma and need some advice, not necessarily help. here
My GF Morris SILVERSTEIN's bith date is Sept. 15, 1863. He was
naturalized in 1881 and I have the document. That would have made him
18. He says that he arrived in the USA in 1879. On his nat. papers he
says that he disalows allegience with the Emperor of Russia. My late
mother says that in Russia, both of his parents were killed when he
was 13 ( 1876) and that it took 2 years for he and his sister and
brother to walk to a place to leave as Bismarck was at war and they
could not walk through Poland. This would bring us to 1878, which
mnakes the arrival date of 1879 plausable. Here's the thing: I do not
know his birth surname, My late Mom said it sounded like SEYFET and I
have, since 1990 tried EVERY spelling of that name with no result. If
I knew the town he came from, I might have some luck. I am sure that
his parents were killed in a pogrom, as being Jewish, no other reason
fits as to why both his parents were killed at the same time. My
mother was certain they were killed. I have contacted other
SILVERSTEIN researchers and the birth date and name don't fit. There
were only certain towns in Russia that they could have lived in, being
Jews, so it had to be a town in the Pale. But where? I really need a
direction and I will do the work. he is my maternal GF and I know so
little about him. Thanks so much for the time you took to read this.
Linda Saegert
family Historian

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