Re: researcing SICHEL and MEYER families -- and improving your chance of success #germany

Wreschner, Jonathan <Jonathan.Wreschner@...>

Hello Michael,
Did anyone ever say to you "Well, this is a small, small world".
You wrote on 10/02/2007:
My Mohel in Nurnberg (1930) was one Julius SICHEL. He performed the
role as a mitzvah, giving his earnings to charity; for a living he was
a merchant in silk thread.

It just so happens that your mohel, Julius SICHEL, was the grand-uncle
of Yehoshua Baharav, the fellow who posted the original note in this
thread, that is, his maternal grandfather's brother.

Julius SICHEL had a brother called Leo, and they were >from Nurnberg.
They married two sisters MEYER >from Mannheim. Leo and Hedwig SICHEL
were Yehoshua's grandparents.

Yehoshua (everyone calls him Shushi), happens to be my wife's older

BTW, Julius SICHEL kept a "Mila Book" (list of all the circumcisions
that he performed). Best regards,

Jonathan Wreschner Efrat, Israel <Jonathan.Wreschner@...>

MODERATOR NOTE: Thanks to Mr. Wreschner for this message. It is an example
of what the founders of this list hoped for when GerSIG was created in 1998.

What more is known of Julius SICHEL's Mila Book ? Has it been copied?
Has it been translated?

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