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Stanley Diamond

The place Meryl is looking for is the small village "Strzylawki."
It is about 4 km west of Grybow on the road to Nowy Sacz. It is
not unusual for immigrants to refer to the nearby larger town in
conversation as well as records created in their new country.

Stanley Diamond, Montreal
"Genealogy with an extra reason" ... Beta-Thalassemia Research Project

Meryl Persky <FOODPHILE@...> writes:

I was so excited to receive my grandfather's (Harry HIRSCH)
birth record >from Poland! ....snip.
I'm in a dilemma over the town in which my grandfather was born.
He always said he was >from Grybow (map: 49 38 20 57) but his
niece, who is the only survivor of the Holocaust, now living in Israel,
has told me the town was actually Skrzyzsow (map:49 59 20 57).
The actual birth record lists the town as Strzylawka. The problem
I have is that there is no mention of this town in "Where Once
We Walked", and nothing in Shtetl Seeker. Any and all opinions
will be most welcome!
Meryl Persky

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