JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: HIAS & Ethnic Bank records in Philadelphia, PA #general


In a message dated 00-07-04 22:50:48 EDT, Olga Parker wrote
<< My question then to Selma, or others who have used the bank records, how do
you determine which set to begin with to look for info ...? >>
There really is no way to determine where to start. The easiest group
of records is the Blitzstein Bank, because the index is 3x5 cards which
are typewritten and in fairly good alphabetical order. I believe I forgot
to mention that you would look for the name of the immigrant/passenger in
the various indices. Always remember the variations of spellings of the
names, so when looking at the Blitzstein index, for example, always look
"fore" and "aft" (so to speak).
Selma Neubauer
Philadelphia, PA USA

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