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Folks, we normally do not post long lists of names, but we need
the help of you all. In our recent mailing announcing the
availability of certain privacy procedures to all listed in the
JGFF we sent nearly 40,000 individual e-mails. Just less than
600 bounced...not a bad percentage, but if your name is on this
list, you cannot be contacted by a researcher who may be tracing
the same surname.
For you, that's a 100% failure as well as for the person trying
to reach you.

We ask your indulgence here. Please, scan these names
carefully. If your name is on List #1 below, go directly to the
JGFF, select the "Modify" icon and correct your e-mail address.
Read it over carefully, is it complete? Have you spelled the
domain correctly? One wrong or misplaced letter and it goes to
the dreaded Mailer Daemon.

To access "Modify" you need your JGFF researcher code and
password. If you have forgotten either, or both, all is not
lost! <grin> Select the "Search" icon in the JGFF and search on
any surname you entered into the database. Next to your name,
or right under it you will see a number in parenthesis...that's
your researcher code. We suggest you write it down in your
address book, or tape it to your computer. If you remember your
password, you are now able to enter the "Modify" section, select
the first option to modify your e-mail address. If you still
have a numeric password, you can change it to a word you will

If you do not remember your password, here's how to get it:
send an e-mail to password@... include your full
name, your postal address and your researcher code. Your
password will be returned to you. We suggest you tape this
onto your computer as well!

While in the JGFF "Modify" mode, read the privacy options
available and make your selection. Be sure to scroll down to
the bottom of the page and click on Update Researcher Details

Thanks everybody for your patience and please read through List
#1 below. If your name appears, we trust you will correct the
bad e-mail address and as soon as you do, please send a message
to jgffhelp@... and tell them you have corrected the

-- Name --
Abas, Zeev
Abel, Carolos F.
Abugov, Benjamin
Ach, Andrew M.
Adrezin, B.J.
Allina-Turnauer, Dan
Anklewicz, Michael
Apt, Jimmy
Aultman, John & Kim
Bar-Joseph, Avi
Bauer, Annette Debra
Bernay, Adam Jonathan
Bertram, Bruce
Boderman, Greg & Jodie
Boldan, Adrain
Bradwejn, Jacques
Brezicki, Ruth S.
Brookenthal, Albert
Brookenthal, Albert
Burg, Judit
Castanheira, Aguinaldo
Castanheira, Aguinaldo
Choritz, Lazer
Davies, Bernard
Drucker, Beverly
Feld, Anita
Ferimer, Robert Alan
Flashberg, Andrew
Fragodt, Alisa D. R.
Freedman, Murray Philip
Ganz-Haber, Lena
Gideon, Chilton
Glick, Corey Glenn
Goldberg, Beth Ann
Graboyes, Arnold
Gross, Barbara
Gusso, Vicki
Habib, Christina
Halpern, Linda
Hansell, Jennifer Ann
Harville, Bobbi Jo
Hermer, Barton Jeanot
Hirsch, Abraham
Hoffman, Gerrie
Hyman, Sally Elizabeth
Jacobs, Rachel Nina
Johnson-Semmel, Lauren
Kahn, Amy Abramovitz
Kohlenberg, Uri
Kravetz, Cheryl DuPree
Lazarovits, Danny
Lee, Clare
Levy, Susan Doore
Margolis, Brenda
Massion, Andrea
Merletti, Joyce
Meyer, Cheryl
Miller, Beth
Moser, Charles Edwin
Nachshon, Aaron
Neeman, Aviva
Parker, Burton S.
Passman, Andrew J.
Pinsley, Alison
Reader, Barbara
Redlu, Jacob Hal
Reinhold, Janet
Roitman, Eduardo
Rosner, Beth Noelle
Samure, Brian
Sellers, Teresa
Shahar, Gnainsky
Shaw, Cory
Sherbow, B.
Shvartsman, Alex
Snitman, Aryeh
Snyder, Bob
Sterling, Sonia
Stern, Steve
Stewart, Linda B.
Strauss, Bob
Tessler, Arlean
Thompson, Alana
Torok, Ielca
Trainoff, Barry
Trilla, Antoni
Tunzi, Susann
Vilardofsky, Earl
Vilardofsky, Irwin A.
Volivitch, Angela
Volk, Arthur E.
Walker, Anne R. J.
Wertman, Chesky
Wolf, Helen Rosenstein
Wolf, Phyllis
Wunsch, Annette
Wyatt, Helene S.
Ziman, Andrei

If you see the name of a friend, we would appreciate if you would
let them know their name is listed as having a bad e-mail
address for the JGFF.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

Personal messages to -->skydell@...
JewishGen business to -->cskydell@...
Thank you!

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