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Greetings to all,
I would truly appreciate it if some kind soul would be gracious enough
to assist me once again by translating some information inscribed upon a
headstone. An image of the marker can been viewed via the following link.

<A HREF="">Click here:</A>

I'm genuinely aware that perhaps I might be viewed as being on the
verge of infringing upon the good nature of my fellow list members >from my
numerous requests for translations. Please be aware that I have made many
concerted efforts to decipher the information myself, but to no avail. Even
though I have studied the JewishGen info file on this subject (if not once,
but a hundred times), reviewed other sources on the WWW, and have printed
up pages and pages of the letter formations for my personal reference, I
just cannot seem to make the conversion. It's sooo frustrating .... yet I
will prevail. Anyway, I thank you all for your thoughtful consideration
and kind generosity with this matter, and with me!
Best regards,
Nancy Gerace

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