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Yes. Go to any Family History Center. First check the Index in order
to see which towns are covered in which film. Then order the film from
Salt Lake City. Costs about $3.25 and takes approx. ten days. These are
tragic records.
WAlmeleh <walmeleh@...> wrote in message

A cousin,who is a Holocaust survivor >from Bedzin, Poland, received a page
from the 1939 census of Bedzin, Poland,with his family members' names. It
came out of the blue >from someone in Queens, NY. He would like to pages
with other family surnames, but he does not know who sent it (the return
name/address is unreadable). My cousin is registered with the Holocaust

Does anyone know about this 1939 census of Bedzin and >from where it canbe

Wendy Almeleh
Great Neck, NY

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