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Plutsk <plutsk@...>

What is the best way to reference an alternative relationship on a
family tree, such as the marriage of two women to each other?
I'm pleased to see this question raised, Eloise. Even on a
closer-to-mainstream issue like long-term significant others of opposite
sexes who have no intention of marrying, there is little or no provision in
most software for accurate documentation on trees and other forms of

My thought is that the line connecting people should carry some information
-- perhaps a solid striaght line for traditional marriages, a wavy line for
gay relationships, a solid jagged line for heterosexual significant
otherhood, and so on. Or, the lines themselves could be made up of small
initials or words.

In a related issue, Family Tree Maker in its "Calendar" printouts allows you
to show all married women with their birth surname, or all with their
married surnames, but can't show just women who haven't changed their
surnames after marriage with their birth surnames!

When will genealogy software firms recognize the complex realities of our

Steve Gold
Detroit area

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