INTRO -researching SAMUEL and NUSSBAUM families from Dresden and Stolp/Slupsk #germany

Dave Lewak <dave@...>

my name is Dave Lewak, I just joined the German SIG.
I've been doing genealogy research for a number of years, my family comes from
Lithuania, Belarus, Galicia and Ukraine.

I am now researching my girlfriend's family, who came >from Dresden in Germany.

Herbert SAMUEL was born on 5/11/1894 in Stolp-Pommern, near Gdansk
(now called Slupsk). He had a sister named Mehta. His father may have been
named Tsvi.

Herbert moved to Dresden, where he was a grain dealer. He married
Ella NUSSBAUM (see below) on September 3, 1925 in Dresden.
Herbert died in Auschwitz.

Ella NUSSBAUM SAMUEL was born on September 2, 1901 in Halle an der Salle.
She immigrated to England in the spring of 1939.

I would like to find records for the SAMUEL family in
Dresden and Stolp, and the NUSSBAUM family in Halle.

I have the following questions:
1) Where would I look for birth-marriage-death records for Dresden?

2) Where would I look for b-m-d records for Stolp?

3) Where would I look for b-m-d records for Halle an der Salle?

4) We think that Ella may have had a German passport.
Where could we look for a copy? thanks --

Dave Lewak Berkeley, California, USA <>

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