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Jacqueline Fineblit <jackief@...>

Regarding the Burial of Unnamed Babies.

I know of two baby boys, born in the 1950's who died shortly after birth and
before they could be named in the Hebrew religion. Both children were buried
in a special section of the Hebrew Cemetery in Manchester, NH, by the fence,
with only small flat marble markers in the ground bearing the family name
but no date of death. We found these stones quite by accident when my
husband, son and I visited the cemetery two years ago. My husband feels that
the children were buried in this section of the cemetery as they had never
been named.

Jackie Fineblit, Delray Beach

"Ricki L. Zunk" < rickiz@... > wrote:

I was talking to an elderly cousin some time ago, and she told me that
her parents had three baby boys who died (the first at about one year,
and the other two were dead at or just after birth). The first boy
had a name. The other two boys were not named. She said that her
mother told her that back in that era (1890s) it was the practice for
babies to be buried in a "special section of the cemetery," usually
without a marker over the grave. That's how she explained the burials
of the three boys she and her husband had. My cousin never questioned
this practice.

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