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Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz, Dr. Ida C. Selavan <idayosef@...>

One theory is that the Jewish female name Mindl is based on
Mendl. Just as Mendl follows Menahem, i.e. Menahem Mendl, so
Mindl may derive >from Menuha.
Another theory is that all of these Mina names, Mindy, Minnie,
etc. come >from Wilhelmina.
Take your pick
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

Mindy Scheer wrote:

Mindy in Jewish would be Molca or Molka.

Some young American girls who liked that name have nicknamed
themselves Mindy instead of Melinda or Melissa.

Except for me, I am an original Mindy!

Mindy Scheer

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