A useful German-Jewish resource is growing at JewishGen - Yizkor Book Translations #germany

John Lowens <jplowens@...>

For the past two months, the JewishGen "Yizkor Book Translation
Project Report" that we publish in this forum has reported new
translations of information on Jewish communities in Germany.
This is something new. In the past it was rare to see a German town
included in that monthly report >from JewishGen.

As I reviewed the GerSIG Digest of 2007.02.26 I took the time to visit
the Yizkor Book Translation Project (YBTP) website using the link
published yesterday:


I urge you to go to this page at the JewishGen website. There is much
information there but for the moment I suggest you follow these steps:

Go down the page a little to find "Germany (country)" and click on one
of the three books listed there.

The third entry:
"Pinkas Hakehillot, Germanyah: Hesse, Hesse-Nassau, Frankfort -
(Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Germany - Hesse, Hesse-Nassau,
Frankfort (Volume III)
presently contains the largest group of available translations.

The three listed Pinkas Hakehillot volumes were published in Hebrew by
Yad Vashem in Israel. Copies of the books are available at Yad Vashem
and at the New York Public Library. (Can anyone cite other repositories
holding these books ? )

Just below the large print "Table of Contents" is a long list of towns
each of which is described in that volume. *** Only the towns that
appear in blue are described in existing English translations as of 1
March, 2007. ***

If you click on any of the blue town names you will be taken to the
translated information about that town.

For example, in Volume III the town of Hoof translation gives the
following information about the town:

The map coordinates of this town: 51 : 17' / 09 : 21'
This allows you to use the JewishGen Shtetl Seeker to obtain a map
showing the area around the town. If you enter the map coordinates in
the proper search box the Shtetl Seeker will give you a list of all
towns within X miles or kilometers of this one. This can be very
helpful in locating the nearest Jewish cemetery and other
information about nearby Jewish communities.

The page numbers of this town's entry in the original Pinkas
Hakehillot volume are cited followed by data that includes:

1. Table showing population in 6 years 1861 - 1925 with the number and
percentage of Jewish residents.
2. Religious affiliation by percentage in 1925.
**** 3. Selections >from the history of the community.***
4. Description of the community under National Socialist rule.

A list of those towns for which JewishGen donors and volunteers have
already provided English translations follows at the end of this
message. (This will allow researchers to quickly find this data using
our Archive Search feature.)

At the bottom of the YBTP home page under "Communities" there is a
finding tool that allows you to search for all existing translations
by town name. The list includes towns in all countries not only Germany.

At this time very few descriptions of German towns have been
translated >from the Hebrew original and posted at JewishGen.

You will note that on each translated town description credit is given to
volunteer translators and financial donors who made the translation of
that page possible.
GerSIG readers will recognize many of these generous folks as
regular GerSIG Forum participants.

I would like you to imagine how valuable it would be to have the
information about your ancestral town and its neighbor towns
translated to English and posted at JewishGen and GerSIG for easy access.

The monthly Yizkor Book Translation Report always asks for volunteers
to help create more translations like these. There is lots of
information at the YBTP home page about how you can help.

I have already inquired and learned that you can sponsor English
translations for your towns of interest. Simply include the names of
those towns with your financial contribution to the JewishGen YBTP.

I'm exploring other ways that GerSIG and its individual members can
help expedite the translation and posting of this data. Details will
appear here soon.

While you are at the YBTP site be sure to look at a special entry that
is not included under "Germany (country)".

Further down on the page under "Rheinpfalz (Region), Germany" you will
find a translation with photographs of:
"Reminiscences of Jacob Greenbaum, Sr., written for his children in 1859"

On my first exploratory visit to the YBTP page at JewishGen this was
the only entry for western Germany. It is great reading, especially
if you have roots in that area as I do.

The list of towns with translations now available at JewishGen follows.

*** Please join the generous GerSIGgers listed on these pages in
helping this list grow. Thank you.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC GerSIG Coordinator gersig@...

Assenheim (A city that is today a part of the city of Niddatal in the
Wetterau region.); Bad Kissingen; Boenstadt (Bonstadt o umlaut) In
the Wetterau region, today a part of the city of Niddatal.);
Buerstadt (Burstadt U umlaut) A city in the Darmstadt region);
Flonheim (A village in the Alzey- Worms district, today in the state
of Rheinland- Pfalz.); Hechtsheim In the Mainz-Binger region, part
of Mainz in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz; Jugenheim (District of
Mainz-Bingen, part of Nieder-Olm in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz;
Nieder-Olm (Region of Mainz-Bingen, today in the state of
Rheinland-Pfalz.); Ermershausen Village in the Hoffheim i. Ufranken county;
Nieder-Saulheim (A village in the district of Mainz-Bingen );
Vendersheim (In the Alzey-Worms district, now in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz.);
Adorf (a village in the Waldeck District, today part of the village Diemelsee);
Breitenbach am Hertzberg Germany (in the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district);
Hoeringhausen (Horinghausen (o umlaut), village, today part of the city Waldeck,
in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district); Homberg (In the Schwalm-Eder district);
Hoof (In the Kassel district, today a part of the town Schauenberg);
Oberaula (A village in the county of Schwalm-Eder.); Obernkirchen (A town,
today in the state of Niedersachsen.); Usingen (Town in the Hochtaunus district.)

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