JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen The journey of a JRI-Poland computer #general

Stanley Diamond

A month ago, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland posted a message
on JewishGen asking for help to get a lap top computer >from New
York to the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw for a new Polish
records indexing project (to be announced shortly).

We were contacted by a number of people and through great timing,
within a few days, the computer was on its way overseas. But it's
how it got there which is a story in itself.

A young man who was using U.S. Armed Forces transport for the
last time before leaving the services called us >from near Albany, NY.
He was on his way to Belarus via Warsaw. So, he had to come to
New York City to pick up a visa for his visit to Europe and while
there, the computer was handed to him at the National Archives on
Varick Street by Hadassah Lipsius whose company had donated
the computer.

from New York, our courier took the train to the U.S. Airforce base
in Delaware and flew off to Europe. He then hopped on a train
towards Grodno, Belarus. When his train made a brief stop in
Warsaw, he passed the computer to the JRI-Poland representative.
The JRI-Poland representative then turned it over to his son who
added the needed Polish software. A day later it was delivered to
the JRI-Poland transliterator at the Jewish Historical Institute and
work on the project started.

What a great team!

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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