Vanished Places (In Czech Republic) #austria-czech


Dear Siggers,

I would like to share with you a website that I recently came across that
might be of interest to many of you. The site is: and it literally has to be
"mined" for it has so much information. The name is somewhat of a misnomer
for it deals not only with vanished places but also with many that have not
vanished. The site is available in German and Czech, however for those that
speak neither, I recommend downloading Google "Get 1 - click translation
from your browser's toolbar' >from .Right click on
"English" and left click on "Add to Favorites". When viewing a site you want
to translate, go to Favorites or Bookmark and select "Translate to English".
It is machine translation which is not perfect but is of great help.

One site within this site is which deals with dozens
of synagogues that existed and a few that still exist in the CR. Not only
are there descriptions of vanished places but also pictures and maps showing
their locations. Happy viewing.

Frank Eisinger
Saint James, NY

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