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I am a bit new at this.

I have been researching my maternal grandparents SADEK and HERSCHENHORN
(OREN), and have found some information, mostly about my grandmother
(SADEK), who lived with my family growing up and was my third parent.
Her family is >from Ciechanow, Poland.

However, most of the missing information is about my grandfather, who
came to the U.S. with his brother and parents >from Kishnev
(Romania/Moldava), supposedly right after the 1903 pogrom. He died when
my mom was 5 years old (in 1926). Other than his death certificate from
the Albany Vital Records department, I have been unable to get anymore
information on when he and his family got here, ship, etc.

Does anyone have any contacts in Kishinev, Albany New York or Catskill New
York? I live in Minnesota (a long way to search in New York), and don't
have the ability financially to get out there to research records. Could
anyone help me with this?

Lilli Sprintz

P.S.- it has been a joy reading everyones' posts for the past several days
and seeing the love and support Jews all over the world are giving each
other, doing their genealogical work. Thank you.

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