JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen ATT: Boston area genealogists. Need Driving directions to Mass. Registry of Vital Records #general

Jacqueline Fineblit <jackief@...>

I plan to visit the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records for research. I
have been told that the Bureau has relocated to 150 Mt. Vernon, St.,
Dorchester. I am unfamiliar with that area and need good driving directions
to get there. I understand that the traffic patterns are difficult because
of the Big Dig. Is there anyway of skirting the Boston area to get to the
Registry. I called twice for directions (long distance >from Florida) was
put on hold for over ten minutes, then disconnected. Maps of Boston do no
good right now as the construction has changed so much!

Any other useful suggestions on how to handle research here? I need the
vital records for most of my mother's and father's family who all lived in
Massachusetts, mostly around the Boston area.

Thanks for any help >from the Mass. genealogists!!

Jacqueline Fineblit
Delray Beach

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