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Hey Genners,

I think I posted this quite some time ago, but thought that since I've
picked it up again, I'd repost. This is a list of names/places for my
FELDMAN surname, and in following emails will be the other surnames I am

Joseph - born in Hungary, died in Scranton, PA
married: Leba Friedman - b. Hungary, d. in PA

Their Children:

William - b. Hungary, d. Louisiana (married Flora Ascher)
David L. - b. PA, d. Louisiana (married Katie Jacobs)
Jacob - b. Hungary, d. Louisiana?? (married Birdie ??)
Edward - b. ??, d. Texas (married Leah ??)
Benjamin - b. ??, d. PA (married Reva Diner)
Ida - b. PA, d. Louisiana (married Bernard Manhiem)
Mary - b. Hungary, d. PA (married Benjamin Klein)
Esther - b. PA, d. Texas or Louisiana (married Leo/Louis Loevy)
Hannah - b. PA, d. Texas (married Harry Jacobs)
Lena - b. Hungary, d. PA (married Adam Jacobs)
Sarah - b. PA, d. PA (died as teenager)
Sander - b. PA, d. PA (married Lizzie ??)

NOTE: As far as I know, none of the "Jacobs" that the children married
were related. Matter of fact, I know for a fact, that Katie Jacobs wasnt
related to either Harry or Adam and because of the age difference between
Lena and Sarah, I dont see how their spouses were related either.

Any connections anywhere???

Denise Feldman Mumphrey
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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