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Eli - b. Hungary, d. Tennessee
Married: Minnie Schwartz - b. Austria, d. Louisiana

Their Children:

Aldolph - b. Tennessee, d. Tennessee (married Ethel Cohen)
Julius - b. Tennessee, d. Arkansas (married Margarete Rosenthal)
Katie - b. Tennessee, d. Louisiana (married David L. Feldman)

Other Jacobs Family Information I have:

Eli's Parents:

Joseph Aaron Jacobovitz (born and died in Hungary)
Esther Lieb (born and died in Hungary)

Eli's siblings:

Louis, Harry, Alex, Morris, Julius all immigrated to the United States, all
of them I *think* to Tennessee. Other siblings are, Julius, Solomon, Leah
(married Leopold Schlanger in Europe), and Pearl (married Samuel Greenbaum).
Some of Leah's and Pearl's children did immigrate to the US, but most were
murdered during the Holocaust as was Solomon and his entire family as best
I know.

The name was shortened >from Jacobovitz to Jacobs by Eli (???) at some
point, but I dont know exactly when, or if all of his brothers shortened
their names as well.

Denise Feldman Mumphrey
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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