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My opinion of the SLC convention is that it was _great_. The 'breakfast
with the experts' and the 'small group tutorials' gave people access to
many of the genealogy experts. In my case, 10 minutes with Randy Daitch
resolved a search for my gf's shtetl that has been ongoing for 10 years.
Randy pulled out a 1921 Polish census that he had, and using the clues I
had accumulated, located the appropriate Galician district and sub-

The various lectures were good... Some were the same (or very similar) as
last year, but many were new.

This years conference had time for lunch and dinner (as opposed to last
year conference where lectures ran >from 8am to 10pm). These lunch and
dinner breaks were great opportunities to meet with the people behind the
email addresses.

As with any conference, maybe the most learning went on in the lobby.
There one could talk genealogy 24 hours a day.

Finally, no recap of the conference can be complete without mentioning the
Family History Library. This was my first visit there, and it was
fantastic. In a few days, I looked at close to 60 microfilms. These
microfilms helped me to track down a gggf's death certificate (and now I
know the names of his parents (my ggggf and ggggm)). It also allowed me to
find several 'lost' family branches. To do this much research at my local
FHL would have taken years!

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