Austro-Hungarian Military Records again #austria-czech

Thomas F. Weiss

Dear JGenners,

There has been a bit of confusion in this Discussion, which
follows up my original posting. Let me see if I can explain my
understanding of the situation more clearly.

The Austro-Hungarian Army contained recruits >from all over
the Empire, including >from Galicia. When World War I ended, the
Empire was dissolved into several new states. These included the
present country of Austria plus successor states outside of the new
Austria. For example, Galicia became part of Poland in the inter-war
years. It is my understanding that the military records for those
recruits who were >from the new Austria are held in the Kriegsarchiv
in Vienna. However, the military records for recruits outside of
present day Austria were sent to the successor states. Thus, the
records for Galician recruits would not be held in the Kriegsarchiv.
It is not clear to me where these records went nor where they are now
although the discussion did make several suggestions.

This all fits with my experience trying to locate my
grandfather's military records. He served twice. Once when he was a
Galician recruit ending in 1899 and another time after he moved to
Vienna and became a citizen of the Vienna community (zustaendig nach
Wien). When I requested his military records >from the Kriegsarchiv,
I received only the records for his second tour of duty. I have not
been able to obtain his military records for his first tour of duty,
when he was a citizen of a community in Galicia (zustaendig nach

This represents my current understanding of the situation,
and I would welcome any further input and clarification on this
matter. I will pursue it and if I learn something new, I will report

Thomas Fischer Weiss
Newton, MA

FRENKEL (Buchach, Vienna); BUCHHALTER (Skalat); ENGEL (Vienna);
FISCHER (Hriskov, Schlan, Prague); FRAENKEL, FRUCHTER (Rozhnyatov,
Vienna); KATZ (Schlan); KLEPETAR (Jistebnice); MEISELS (Nadworna,
Vienna); OLLOP (Vienna); ORLIK (Pohor, Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor);
QUADRATSTEIN (Vienna, Saarbrucken); VODICKA (Dobronitz, Jistebnice,
Benesov, Tabor)

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