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I am new at this.
My father Hans SUSSKIND was born in Stuttgart on 02/04/1905.

His father Alfred SUSSKIND was born in Stuttgart on 06/08/1875
and he married my gm Martha LEUBUSCHER who was born on the 10/04/1876-
they married in Oppeln on 29/01/1900.

My ggf was born in Schlesien? on 18/07/1842 hes name was Jacob SUSSKIND
and he married Mathilde STRAUSS.

His father I think was Philip Susskind who was married to Herietta EPSTEIN??

My father fled Germany to Cape Town,S/Africa in 1936 and lived there
until he passed away in 1993. His father Alfred also left for Cape
Town in 1939 and died a few days after arriving there.

My dad had 2 sisters Gretl SUSSKIND who lived in London and Lisl SECKEL
who lived in Bulawayo,Rhodesia.

I live in Melbourne,Australia,and would be very pleased if anyone
could help me trace any further info on my family.Other possible

My details are-Martin SUSSKIND-susskind@...

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