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Re: risk of LDS baptism
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 13:48:36 -0500

If you have any questions about the LDS baptism submittal list you
should call Salt Lake City or send an email to the church on their site,
I have personally sent them an email to which they have replied.

That being said, let me assure you that the church members can only
submit people for baptism to whom they are related. First hand knowledge or
a primary source document is needed in order to submit their names.
Members can't submit names >from an old phone book , voter lists, credit
reports,etc. for baptism. They must be related to the people they submit
for baptism. The Mormon church respects the rights of others. On the other
hand, the Mormon church does not verify each and every name submitted to
make sure that the name submitted is related to the submittor. Mistakes can
be made.

Again the question needs to be asked: If your ancestors do not want to
accept the baptism or you do not believe the ordinance has any effect,
nothing is lost except a church member's time.

Mormon baptism of dead family members is considered missionary work
beyond the veil if their family members have accepted the tenets of the
church after they have died. (If you believe the church has no validity,
then nothing is lost.) Members are not required but only encouraged to seek
after their deceased relatives. Their efforts in tracing their relations do
not affect their death, their religion,=A0 their memory or their standing
in the church.
Free will and agency are eternal principles in all religions. No one in
this life or the next can make you accept a principle you do not accept.
If your family member that was submitted for baptism by an errant church
member does accept the precepts of the Mormon church, the baptism does not
make them a member of the Mormon church. In short, members are not forced
to do genealogy nor is a deceased person for which the ordinances was done
forced to accept the baptism. It really is pretty simple.

As for myself, I don't care what is done with the names of my ancestors if
a church member can help me find my origin. I have been doing genealogy
sporadically in the US for twenty years with little success beyond by
great grandparent and at this point in time I would certainly appreciate
any help anyone can give me. As for the validity of a baptism, my
deceased relatives can decide for themselves.

Davideen Demske

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