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Still a newbie after all these month...hence, what may be a silly question...

Is the Morton Allan Directory housed at known to be
complete and accurate? The reason I ask is my newly-found 3rd cousin
retrieved my pgf's citizenship papers >from NARA in Waltham as a deeply
generous favor to me. I don't live near a NARA branch...

Anyway, according to those papers, Papa landed in NY on 12/12/1905 on the
ship Newland >from Liverpool. I was hoping to validate the arrival date,
name of ship, etc., before I sent off to Washington DC for the manifest
pages, and also to dig up what shipping line the Newland belonged to, etc.

Not only cannot I not find any record of a ship by that name on several
sites I've visited, I can't find any ship landing >from Liverpool to NY on
that date or within a couple of days/before after. Is it just the
cimorelli database that's incomplete, or is Morton Allan less complete
than I had thought?
(BTW, the newly found 3rd cousin mentioned above is a JewishGen success
story for another time and another message!)

TIA for any constructive commentary...


Marla Goldman
Mesa AZ

GOLDMAN/CITRIN/KOPYT - Olyka, Volynia, Ukraine/Philadelphia PA/Boston MA
REINER - Germany/Russia/Rosenhayn NJ/Philadelphia PA/Boston MA

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