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Thomas F. Weiss

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Rozhnyatov YB
translation project is now on-line. Available is the English portion
of the YB including photographs and an intriguing map of the town,
drawn >from memory by a resident, that shows the locations of
dwellings of ancestors. Also available is the translation of the
Hebrew portion of the introductory pages and the table of contents.
Please have a look at

There is a long way to go to completing the translation of
this book which promises to reveal insights into the life and
annihilation of this community. The table of contents gives a glimpse
of what is contained in this extensive book.

However, completion of this project requires your help. Funds
are needed to complete the translation of this YB. Contributions to
this translation can be made conveniently on-line via the YB page
given above. Since JewishGen provides the infrastructure that allows
projects like the YB translation project to take place, I hope you
will consider also making a contribution to JewishGen to support
their marvelous work through which we and others profit immeasurably.
Contributions to JewishGen can also be made at the bottom of the YB
page given above.

I am also in the process of putting together a web page for
Rozniatow under JewishGen's ShtetLinks project. I would like to list
people who have family that came >from Rozhnyatov on the web site to
facilitate making connections. I plan to list names, email addresses,
and family surnames. If you want to be listed among those who have
family that came >from Rozhynatov or if you are interested in working
on the web page, please get in touch with me.

Best regards,
Tom Weiss
Thomas F. Weiss
Newton, MA USA

email: tfweiss@...

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