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In a message dated 8/9/00, writes:
<< As we will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more of this lady, I really
think we ought to spell her name correctly: it's Hadassah with one d and
two s's

The "s" has to be doubled because the original Hebrew consonant is a
"double" samekh -- i.e. a samekh with a dot in the middle called dagesh
hazaq, which (generally speaking though with some special phonetic
exceptions) is the sign of a doubled consonant in Hebrew. >>

==That is academically/linguistically a correct transliteration.

However, a person's name is whatever he chooses to use, and if she chooses
to spell it Hoddasza, that would be her name for us to use. The same, of
course, goes for any organization of that name.

Michael (I know I "should" write it Mikha'el) Bernet
New York

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