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Also I learned that under the "Naturalization Act of June 29, 1906," it
required the issuance of a "Certificate of Arrival" for aliens filing a
Declaration of Intention. This paper was NOT given to the person but
kept by the government agency.
I have never heard mention of this document nor have I seen it
included with other documents ordered. Is it useful or just
duplicated information? If the former, how do we get at it? >>

In 1906, a Naturalization Act was passed into law in the US. This law
required a Certificate of Arrival, which was issued by the Department of
Labor, Immigration Service. This Certificate would verify to the Court
processing the Naturalization that the person arrived legally in the US. This
verification involved searching Passenger lists and sometimes notations were
actually made on the Passenger manifest.

In some jurisdictions, the Certificate was attached to the Petition and
should be on file with the Court or the local archives that maintain these
Court records.

For more information, please refer to Lou Alfano's Homepage at

Mark Halpern

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