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Howard Margol

Those of you who were present at the recent IAJGS 20th International
Conference of Jewish Genealogical Societies, are aware that the
Genealogical Society of Utah (FHL) presented to IAJGS, as a gift, a CD
containing a catalog of all of the Jewish records in the Family History
Library. A 12-volume beatifully bound set, consisting of a printout of
the catalog, was also presented to IAJGS.

The IAJGS Board of Directors voted to donate the hard copy printout of the
catalog to The Center for Jewish History in New York City. Rachel Fisher,
Director of the Center for Jewish History Genealogy Institute called me
and accepted the donation. Being at the Center will ensure that the
catalog will receive wide availability for those who go there to do

After receiving the gift of the CD containing the catalog, our first
thought was to produce copies and distribute them free of charge to all
IAJGS member societies. We were very disappointed, however, upon learning
that the CD had no search capability. Because of this, it's use would be
somewhat limited and it was decided not to distribute copies without first
investigating to see if a search engine could be added to the CD. That
possibility is now under consideration.

In the meantime, the IAJGS Board decided to have the catalog displayed on
JewishGen, in a searchable format, so it could be available to everyone,
with internet access, throughout the world. The CD has been forwarded to
JewishGen and, as soon as the technicalities have been worked out, the
catalog will be available. I am sure Susan King, and her wonderful group of
volunteers, will make it happen as soon as possible. Watch the JewishGen
web site, and the JewishGen Digest, for announcements about it's

Nancy Goodstein, a volunteer worker at the Family History Library, labored
for almost a year in compiling this catalog. She did a tremendous job and
we cannot thank her enough for her efforts on our behalf. Nancy's
accomplishment will bear fruit for thousands of Jewish genealogists around
the world for years to come. In addition, Nancy has agreed to keep the
catalog updated as additional Jewish records are found or are received by
the Library. Nancy, on behalf of everyone, I sincerely thank you.

Howard Margol
President, IAJGS

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