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Dear Meryl,
I want to add something to the reply to Meryl Persky's question about
U.S.alien registrations.
What the INS sent was the complete 'A' File for the people in question.
That is supposed to include all the documents on the person beginning with
the Alien Registration, and including ( if the person was later
naturalized) the declaration of intention and final petition for
naturalization, and the arrival certificate that documented the legal entry
into the U.S.
When I sent for my grandmother's A File, I also got a copy of the
naturalization certificate itself, and a record of the 1940 FBI check. My
grandmother wasn't naturalized until 1965.

Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY,GOLDSTEIN-Mosty,Grodno
FREEDMAN-Siluva, Lithuania

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