Re: TREUMANN - or variant spellings.... #germany

Ralph Baer

While your Jakob TREUMANN (or TRAUMANN) of Schwetzingen does not currently
appear on my tree, I am familiar with at least two branches of this family
that married into my my family.

Lazarus Raphael TRAUMANN (23 February 1767 Schwetzingen - 13 September 1834),
wine trader and Gutsbesitzer (landowner), became on 9 November 1802 one of
the first two Jews to be granted full citizenship in Baden. He was married
to Rosette (Rosine) WOLF, a sister of one of my ancestors.
Although I know a lot about their descendants, it is far >from complete.

By any chance, do you know who Jakob's parents were?

I am also related to Lazarus's sister Jette (Judla) TRAUMANN (11 January
1760 Schwetzingen - 8 June 1843 Rohrbach bei Heidelberg) who was married
to Moses MAIER, a brother of another ancestor.

I seem to recall >from when I looked at Schwetzingen records that Lazarus
had at least one bother in Schwetzingen.

I have never seen the spelling TREUMANN for this family, but that does
not mean that it was not used.

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

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