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Following my posting, I received numerous replies regarding the
availability of the 1901 British Census. Since they all seemed to be at
variance with what my family had told me, I decided to contact the PRO
(Public Record Office) in Belfast directly for an authoritative reading
on the matter.

Fortunately, I had just been given a new booklet published by The Jewish
Genealogical Society of Great Britain entitled "Jewish Ancestors?, A
Beginner's Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Great Britain". I looked up
Belfast in the Index and found the correct listing on Page 20 for "Vital
Records (Northern Ireland)". It listed the following:

Public Records Office
66 Balmoral Avenue
Belfast, BT9 6NY
TEL: 028-9025-1318
FAX: 029-9025-5999
E-Mail: proni@...

I e-mailed them and got the following very prompt response:

"The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland regrets that it is unable to
enter into genealogical research on behalf of private individuals.

If you are unable to visit our office personally, you may like to consider
employing the services of a commercial researcher. A list of commercial
researchers operating in Northern Ireland can be found on our web-site at:

The 1901 Census is available to the public.

Unfortunately because of the Government's 100 year rule, the 1911 Census is
not available yet, here in Northern Ireland. It may be viewed in the
National Archives Office of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, which is
under separate Government Rule.

You can visit their web site at:

Hope this straightens out any lingering doubts or misconceptions about the
availability of the 1901 and the 1911 Census."

Ann Rabinowitz

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