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DGoldman <dgoldman@...>

For those who can access the World Wide Web, the JewishGen Family Finder
has a wonderful option for searching by the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex rather
than by literal spelling. A Daitch-Mokotoff search for the town below
reveals almost 50 entries citing the town of Letichev, Ukraine (cited once
as Letichev, Russia). Each of the researchers looking for that town is
sure to be a terrific source of information on its location and residents.

A similar search using the JewishGen Shtetl Seeker reveals about a dozen
different spellings for 6 different towns in Ukraine (including the one
noted above). Spellings, of course, are not nearly so important as
similarity of pronunciation (which can also vary when looking at a name in
multiple languages). Each town is identified by its distance >from Kiev
and its longitude/latitude. The coordinates are a link to MapQuest. The
town matching the spelling above, for example, is 147.9 m. WSW of Kiev at
49 23, 27 37. It is East of Medzhibozh and West of D'Akovici. The most
significant town in the area may be Chemelnickij, to the West.

Diane Goldman <dgoldman@...>, Bethesda MD

. . . I am going to Kiev . My family comes >from a small town outside
of Kiev--I am unsure of the spelling-- sounds like-Letachev> Can anyone
tell me where this town is/was located? >>

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