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Larry E. Oppenheimer <leoppen@...>

Fmode@... wrote:
I am in need of a lookup in a directory of physicians. This was
recommended to me through the German Jewish SIG but I cannot locate such
a book. The individual I seek was a first cousin of my grandmother and
apparently a well known physician in the early part of the 20th century
in the Philadelphia area- name Joseph LANGBORD. I would be eternally
grateful if someone could look this gent up and respond privately to me.
We hope to find his birthplace and parents names. TIA

The National Genealogical Society <>
maintains an archive of records of deceased physicians. e-mail them at
library@... or write to National Genealogical Society, 4527
17th Street North, Arlington, Va 22207. Phone 1-800-473-060 ext.331.
I found them to be very helpful.


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