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Judith Romney Wegner

In order to continue my search with very limited information I need to
know some of the history concerning Litvaks as a people. Also I am at a
dead end in my research for the Horodorker society. I know my grandfather
was a member. I believe this society was formed for immigrants. Was it
also named after a town? I know they came >from minsk.
Is it possible that you (or some predecessor) have slightly misread
"Horodorker"? Could it have been the "Horodenker" Society -- the
surnames Horodenker/ Gorodenker/ Orodenker refer to the city of Horodenka
or Gorodenka in the Ukraine.

(Or maybe there was also a Horodoker Society -- >from Horodok in Belorussia?)

Judith Romney Wegner
Providence, RI

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